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TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha: Comprehensive Coverage at an Affordable Premiums [Review]

TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme
TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme

Life is full of uncertainties and no one knows what the future holds. One day, everything can be going according to plan, and the next day, life can take a sudden turn, leaving us with unexpected challenges to face. As we go about our daily lives, we often don't think about the possibility of the worst-case scenario. But when it comes to protecting our family’s financial security, it's essential to consider all the possibilities. One of the most cost effective ways to ensure your family's financial stability is to purchase term life insurance. For example, Let's take a very practical example to understand this.

Mr Naveen is a 30 year old male, IT professional, the only breadwinner in the family, with 2 kids of 4 and 2 years. He takes care of his parents also. He recently bought a Flat worth 80 lakhs and has home loan of 60 lakhs. He is paying a monthly EMI of 59,084. His annual post tax salary is 20 lakhs in FY 2022-2023. His monthly take home salary is 1,66,666.

Due to an unfortunate accident, if he passes away, his wife, children and parents would have to deal with

1. the emotional trauma of his death

2. and on top of that, they would have to worry about how they can finance their children's education, marriage and retirement. How they can pay the EMIs and keep the house.

If Naveen had a Term Insurance of 1 crore, the insurance company would pay a lump sum amount to his wife with which she could plan the finances for the family. The financial support provided by a Term life insurance payout can help the family maintain their standard of living and provide a sense of security during an otherwise difficult time. Additionally, Term life insurance can help ensure that the family's long-term financial goals and aspirations are not compromised due to the loss of the primary breadwinner. Therefore, investing in a Term life insurance policy is a smart decision that can help protect your family's future and ensure that they are financially secure even in your absence.

What is a Term Insurance

Term Insurance is a simple concept that can have a massive impact on your family's future, and it's something that every responsible adult should consider. Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that provides coverage for a specified period (policy term). The premiums are fixed, and the coverage amount is predetermined, which makes it an affordable and straightforward option for most people. If the policyholder passes away during the term, the insurance company pays out a death benefit to the beneficiary. If the policyholder lives throughout the term, the policy simply expires, and no death benefit is paid out in pure risk term insurance plans. However, there are some term insurance plans which return all the premiums paid on completion of the policy term if the policy holder survives. But the main purpose of the term insurance remains the same which is to protect the family's financial security if the main income earning member passes away. Term life insurance provides the financial cushion that your family needs during this difficult time, giving them the space and time to grieve without the added stress of financial worries.

We have written previously about what term insurance is and how to calculate the amount of coverage needed. Read more about it here.

In this post, we will review one of the most popular term insurance plans in India which is TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme.

What is TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme plan

TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme -is a comprehensive term life insurance that offers a larger life cover up-to 100 years with most affordable premiums. With its extensive coverage, flexible options, and lot of out of the box and rider benefits, this plan is a perfect choice for anyone looking for complete peace of mind. Some of the key features of the plan below.

Key Features:

  1. Higher and Longer Coverage: Option to choose very high coverage based on one's income and goals. option to choose coverage till 100 years

  2. Flexible benefit payout: Death Benefit is paid as a single lump sum or staggered payment or both.

  3. Accelerated Payout: On diagnosis of any terminal illness, 50% of total sum insured is paid in advance to the policy holder and the policy continues till the full term

  4. Critical illness Rider: Policy holders get a lump sum amount on diagnosis of any of the specified 40 critical illness. Life coverage continues till the full term.

  5. Increased Coverage at Life Milestones: Option to choose increased coverage at important milestones in life. E.g after marriage or after kids or after taking a home loan etc.

  6. Accidental Death Benefit (ADB rider): Family gets additional benefit if the death is due to accident

  7. Total Permanent Disability (TPD rider): Policyholder gets a lump sum amount in case of permanent disability due to an accident.

  8. Guaranteed Income Option: Policy holder can choose to receive income after the age of 55 under Life + Income variant. Policy pays a specific percentage of base sum insured as monthly income.

  9. Return of the Premiums on maturity(ROP): All premiums paid for either the base plan or the rider are returned if no event occurs throughout the term.

  10. Discount on Premium: Premium Discount for Healthy People and Women. With the Tata Vitality Wellness program, renewal discounts up to 30% based on the health condition.

  11. Flexibility Premium Payment Term(PPT): You can choose the premium payment term that fits your budget and the coverage amount that meets your family's needs. You can enjoy the policy coverage till 100 years but yet pay for only limited periods (5/7/10/15) depending on your budget. Or you can opt for the regular pay for the entire term as well if you will.

  12. Finally, Income Tax Benefit: The entire amount received by your family is 100% tax free under section 10(10D). Premium paid are exempt under section 80C (upto 1.5 lakh per)


Let’s look at the annual premium for a 30 year non smoker male for 1 crore term insurance till the age of 70 years(Policy Term 40 years).

Premium for 1 crore base sum insured term insurance: 12,600/- + GST per year

Premium for 1 crore Accidental Death Rider: 4,275 + GST per year

Premium for 1 crore Accidental Total Permanent Disability coverage: 2,565/- + GST per year

Premium for 10 lakhs Critical illness coverage: 3,141/- + GST per year

If you look at these premiums, they are very much affordable by everyone. These premiums are worth the coverage they provides due to the large coverage amount, protection for loved ones, flexibility, tax benefits, and peace of mind they offer. It is a wise investment for those who want comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

Claim Settlement Ratio

The claim settlement ratio (CSR) is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a term

insurance policy. It indicates the percentage of claims settled by an insurance company against the total number of claims received in a given year. A high CSR indicates that the insurance company has a good track record of settling claims and fulfilling its promises to its policyholders. Here are some reasons why the CSR is important in term insurance:

  1. Reliability: A high CSR indicates that the insurance company is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to settling claims. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your untimely demise.

  2. Financial stability: Insurance companies with a high CSR are likely to be financially stable and able to meet their obligations to their policyholders. This means that they have the resources to pay out claims promptly and efficiently.

  3. Customer satisfaction: An insurance company with a high CSR is likely to have satisfied customers who have had their claims settled quickly and efficiently. This can give you confidence that you are choosing an insurance company that values its customers and is committed to providing excellent service.

  4. Transparency: Insurance companies with a high CSR are typically transparent about their claims settlement process and are willing to provide information about their track record of settling claims. This can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a policy.

In summary, the CSR is an important factor to consider when purchasing a term insurance policy as it indicates the reliability, financial stability, customer satisfaction, and transparency of an insurance company. A high CSR can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your untimely demise.

Let’s looks at the claim settlement ration of TATA AIA Life Insurance company for the last 3 years.

TATA AIA Life Claim Settlement Ratio
TATA AIA Life Claim Settlement Ratio

As you can see, TATA AIA Life Insurance Company Limited has consistently maintained a high claim settlement ratio over the past 3 years, which is a positive sign for anyone considering purchasing a policy from the company. Even during the covid year they maintained 99.06% Claim Settlement. According to the company, they settle 98% of claims in less than 30 days.Tata AIA is known for best customer service and faster claim settlement.


In conclusion, TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme policy is a well-rounded term insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost. The plan offers a range of benefits such as flexible premium payment options, tax benefits, and riders for enhanced protection.

One of the standout features of the plan is its high claim settlement ratio, which indicates the company's commitment to settling claims promptly and efficiently. This, coupled with TATA AIA Life Insurance Company's strong financial stability, provides policyholders with peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of in the event of their untimely demise.

Additionally, the plan's unique features such as the Critical Illness Rider, Permanent Total Disability and Terminal Illness Benefit provide added protection to policyholders and their families, making it a comprehensive insurance solution.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and comprehensive term insurance plan, TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme policy is definitely worth considering. Its combination of competitive pricing, comprehensive coverage, and reliable service makes it a strong contender in the market.

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